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Chantix (Varenicline) is the new kid on the block, outsmarting the old fag nicotine addiction, with its bag of tricks. Many people are trying to quit smoking these days, in sync with the increasing awareness created by the anti-smoking lobby on the deadly ills and harms of tobacco consumption. Nicotine addiction has a firm hold on the victim, getting parole from this virtual prison is tough; and if one isn't bailed out in time, be ready to face the gallows.

Nicotine dependence is bad; it kills, and kills you slowly, leaving no way out. Chantix may not be a magic pill to help you quit smoking, but it definitely gives you hope of redemption. Breaking the hold of nicotine bond is not an impossible task; Chantix can release you to freedom, a complete and total liberty from the shackles of nicotine addiction.

Chantix is available as Champix in the European countries and just like Chantix, Champix too yields the same anti-smoking effects. A Champix prescription entitles you to obtain or buy Champix and use it in accordance with your doctor `s instructions.

Varenicline is the latest blockbuster drug approved by the FDA on May 11, 2006 that is indicated as an aid to quit smoking. Manufactured by Pfizer Inc., Chantix offers a new approach, different from the existing smoking cessation therapies to quit smoking.

When nicotine is inhaled, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine that induces a pleasure feel that is momentary, making the body crave for more nicotine. Chantix (varenicline) is designed in a way that is perfectly engineered to block this pleasurable feeling, and gradually wanes your desire to smoke till it fades and vanishes off for good.

Use Chantix to foil the attempt of smoking, the most preventable killer, griping you with its nicotine addiction power that stifles logic and reason.

What is the best way to help quit smoking?
Gum, mints, cinnamon sticks, and hard candy (butterscotch or cinnamon drops) can help when you feel a craving coming on. Many ex-smokers also claim that good helps - Varenicline, Nicotinell, Wellbutrin or Wellbutrin Sr and Zyban.

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